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Nutrition and naturopathy

While Hannah no longer offers nutrition and naturopathy consults in the traditional sense, these elements are such an integral part of the holistic picture and contribution to ones overall well-being and therefore are often drawn upon in sessions. On top of separate training in both areas, Hannah has also completed further nutritional and herbal training from a TCM and kinesiology perspective with several different mentors and approaches. Nutrition can be a confusing area for so many to navigate with a lot of conflicting Information and endless diets promising the world. By using kinesiology muscle monitoring Hannah is able to draw from the many different approaches she has trained with and find what is truly optimal support for each individual at that point in time and then adjust as change occurs. Within session this may include assessing what you are current eating or not eating; whether supplementation through foods, herbs or nutritional products is necessary for short term support; the impact and balancing out of potential intolerances and sensitivities and the different systems that may be under stress biochemically due to other factors in your life.