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Business Alchemy

For the business owners, whether you are in the first stages of finding your way down a new pathway or you are decades into an established career, but finding you have lost your alignment, or maybe never had the clarity to begin with, working with me as a mentor can help you gain clarity, dissolve limiting beliefs and move forward. Now is the time to let yourself bloom.

I have had over a decade as a successful practitioner and business woman. I run a multifaceted business and I love it! Because I have worked hard at staying heart centered and soul led, while knowing myself deeply and facing my internal and external obstacles head on.

This is what I endeavour to help you do too.

Why engage me for support?
I originally stepped into kinesiology after being frustrated with other modalities I was trained in that claim to be wholistic and yet still follow a general protocol or set program. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health, wellbeing and personal or business success.

Much like a normal client session with me, everything we do is tailored to you. The general outcomes, clarity around what you want and what’s getting in the way of you achieving it are there, but the pathway to getting there is determined for each unique individual. Your business or career is yours and you are your unique selling point. In order to make this part of your life work for you then we need to know exactly who you are and use that to your advantage.

I absolutely call on the same range of tools and strategies with all clients, but no two mentorships look alike. This is the primary difference to working with me, what we will be doing together is not just taking you through a program that I have tailored to work for me, but creating a relationship where we explore your depths and reconnect you with yourself and your needs.

Through the program we work with 1:1 sessions using a variety of methods to help define and move through blocks as well as defining who you are in business, what your challenges are and how to bring all of this into the world.

I support you through transitions, whether from one career to another or moving your business from online into the real world, or from in person to online. I have relocated countries and states with my businesses, switched in and out of online and in person, at home and on location as well as the transitions that come with incorporating new business pathways, trainings or qualifications and the life transitions of working through illness, the transition to motherhood or change in relationship and thus life circumstance.

Whatever your unique situation calls for, I am your personal cheer leader and sounding board, sound of reason or devils advocate. The more we know the inner you, the more knowledge we have to work with in order to have you on your own personal path to success. 

While it will be different for each and every person, we work through your personal blocks through to any practical ones. Everything from being open to abundance, setting boundaries and taking care of yourself all the way through to how to develop your own unique language container to then be able to talk about your business with confidence and grace through to who your ideal client or customer is and how to go about finding them. 

Creating a brave space for us to explore these themes allows us to gain deeper insight and understanding on your generational patterning and to release and disarm the story that is keeping you small and disconnected from fully embracing what is yours by divine right. Outside of the business mentorship tools, we will work with a combination of modalities calling on kinesiology, counselling, coaching, evolutionary astrology, family constellations, somatic therapy, Earth Medicine journey work and more to create a safe space specifically supportive for you.

What does it look like practically speaking?
This is also tailored to suit you and your business needs. As long as the commitment is there to connect in regularly, then when we initially connect to determine if the program is the right fit for you and your business and then establish a framework of frequency and method of connection that works for your budget and life circumstances. This might be in person or via video or a combination of both. We may be working through business based processes or therapeutic sessions or we may be working with your birth chart, soul values or family systems to ascertain the best approach for you and any potential obstacles. This might be weekly sessions for 6 months for some or monthly sessions for others depending on the level of support you need and where you are at in your business and how much support you need.

Contact us to organise a time to connect and see if the program would be the right support for you.