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June 21st - July 22


The Mother, Healer, Invisible Woman/man

Cardinal / Water Negative/Feminine
Ruler – The Moon

the high road - Nurturing, sensitive, protective, feeling-oriented, home-loving, caring.
the low road - Insecure, inclined to worry, dependent, moody, possessive, fussy, clingy

Cancerian energy helps us to step into our abilities to nurture ourselves and others. Ask yourself where you have the need to step in and play this role, or which areas of your life are you resistant in doing so? Are you overbearing in your need to take care of others resulting in a negative reaction where you had hoped for a positive? Where do you feel emotionally vulnerable, or like you may ned to put up brick walls or wear a mask? Do you have a tendency to collect those that are wounded and is this drive to "fix" others interfering with your ability to take care of yourself? 

A Cardinal Water sign, Cancer is represented by the crab, a symbol of how vulnerable the Cancerian energy is. Cancer expends much time and energy nurturing and caring for others. With a natural focus on love, kindness and concern are not premeditated and there is a genuine desire to nurture, help, protect and heal. This is often expressed through offering care and protection, a safe space, and providing for others’ needs. Cancer is a home-loving individual, and like the crab with a shell on its back, likes to retreat into the home, finding comfort, security and emotional sustenance. Like the crab with his home on his back, Cancer also has a tendency to carry a level of defensiveness and wears a “mask” to prevent himself from emotional vulnerability, and from feeling revealed. The evolutionary aim is to create balance between the intense, feeling inner life with the external life, this takes time and trust.

Security is strongly desired and Cancer is concerned with having enough. Enough food, comfort, love, care, money. For Cancer these things all add up and are a symbol of abundance and security. As well as seeking security and nurturance for self, loved ones are surrounded with care and protection, this is often expressed in a very parental way that can be uncomfortable or unwelcome for some.

Like all of the water signs, Cancer is susceptible to emotional influences and needs to be aware of their boundaries and not allowing the emotions of others to have too great of an impact on them. In order to live Cancer must grow a shell, build a wall between himself and nature, yet in order to evolve, he must shed his shell. The challenge is to not have the defences so strong that you block out opportunity and not be open to change and experiences that allow interaction and growth. Finding serenity in the routine of everyday life, Cancer can become stressed when this routine is thrown out or disturbed.

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancerian feelings and emotions are the most intense of the signs and can sometimes get overloaded if the “mother role” is out of balance. The inner life and needs then become invisible, and consequently Cancer can become insecure and emotionally needy and develop stomach/digestive system symptoms. Overall a balance in meeting their own needs, caring for those they love and not pushing their own ideas of how to do this is necessary for a healthy expression of the Cancerian energy. 

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This collection is designed to be utilised in the way that best supports the user. With a blend for each of the star signs, one may choose to support themselves with their own star (sun) sign blend. They may choose to work with the blend relating to the star sign of someone else that they are either struggling with or wishing to connect more strongly with. One may be hoping to balance out or enhance certain aspects related to a particular sign or one may be working with a particular house in their natal chart and feel it supportive to work with the blend of the sign that sits on that house. It may be comforting and supportive to work with the blend that is linked to the sign that the current moon phase is in, or another planet that one is working with and feeling deeply. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to use them however they call to you to work with them. There is extensive information and interpretations available in relation to the different signs and we would encourage you to seek out that which resonates with you. For further information on how the signs can be explored with evolutionary astrology, and therefore the approach that has been kept in mind while this range was developed, go to our website and you will find this in the astrology listings. The dates may differ ever so slightly year to year, but the following are the general dates associated with each sign. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of lavender, fennel, juniper berry, Roman chamomile; crystal nectars of moonstone, ruby, red jasper. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Moon - 210.42hz tuning fork.