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Kali - Shakti Embodied
Kali - Shakti Embodied

Kali - Shakti Embodied

The Hindu goddesses are all essentially one, Devi. Kali is one of the forms of Devi and is considered the goddess of time, change and transformation.

Kali is often associated with ferocity and her association with death is often misunderstood as only death and destruction of the world.

However when we work with Kali as an archetypical energy she offers transformation on all levels. Kali invokes the kundalini energy that frees the soul from worldly attachments and allows us to transcend and transform. By helping us to transform our fears and embrace Kaliā€™s courage one can find the inner strength to move forward in life embracing her archetypical energy of the warrior.

Kali energy may bring the fire that burns you down, but she will also hold the space for you to rebuild, regenerate and be reborn into the world and into the reality that you wish to create. Kali connects us to our power and inner strength, but also to our true emotions. This allows for a deeper connection to self and to others through love and passion. KaliĀ embodies the archetype of the wild woman. She is fully in touch with her emotions and instinctual self and by working with her medicine you can connect and step into your own version of the wild woman, and all the power and grace that you hold within.

Kali doesn't accept us living half way, she evokes our inner passion, commitment, motivation and drive and fuels our desire to be alive and embrace life and brings us in touch with the eternal movement and cycles of life. Kali's fierce love supports us to let go of old structures and limiting concepts, so that life can start flowing through us again, bringing new energy and capacity to act.Ā If one is not in touch with an inner sense of love and connection there may be a struggle to connect with the Kali archetypical medicine and her fierce love and a fear or resistance to surrender. For the person in this space, Kali may seem terrifying. However, when we open ourselves up to her powerful, transformative love, Kali is the mother, Kali is the lover and Kali is the ultimate teacher of freedom, showing us how we can set ourselves free.

Ingredients:Ā 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil; 100% essential oils carrot seed, vetiver, sandalwood, and finger root. Crystal nectars of rose quartz, carnelian, and red jasper All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork.