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September 23rd - October 22nd


archetypes - the artist, the lover, the peacemaker

Cardinal/Air Positive/Masculine

ruler - Venus

the high road - sociable, principled, respectful, tasteful, harmonious, objective
the low road - indecisive, gullible, opinionated, fence sitter, detached.

Libra is the sign of balance and harmony. When expressed positively it can be thought of it as the equinox where the night and day are equal. In relation to the other signs, Libra sits opposite Aries, as so the Aries "I AM" principle of self shifts with Libra to be one of "Others" and through our relations with others, we have the opportunity to see ourselves reflected, in turn learning more about ourselves at another level.

In this human experience, relationships (and I mean any and all, not just with the person you share your couch or bed with) are the fertile ground for our expansion and transformation. In a challenged expression, or "the low road", Libra energy can lose themselves within relationships with others and therefore one of Libra's biggest lessons can be found in the area of relating to others. This is where Libra energy has the opportunity to learn the skills of co-operation and clear communication so that they don't compromise themselves and can truly achieve balance and equity. They must learn not to compromise their needs and their sense of self, in order to maintain peaceful relationship with others to come to the positive, night and day, type equality. Working with Libra energy can be supportive when there is a need to embrace the knowing that Self is important. Equality is important. They must not negate themselves and put others first. 

Libra is Cardinal Air which brings qualities that make it a very sociable, interactive, communicative energy that enjoys and seeks out partnership and situations for negotiation and arbitrations. Libra energy may find themselves being put into the position of peacekeeper or negotiator without actually volunteering themselves, at least consciously. A balanced Libra energy is able to practice non-judgement, acceptance of all differences and opposing view-points and provide a fair and just response. However, this can also contribute to their reputation as indecisive or a "fence-sitter" as they are unable to make a choice or take a side when they are able to see both viewpoints or options as equal. 

It is important to understand that while Libra represents balance, this is not necessarily how it is expressed in the individual. Libra energy will always be seeking balance, needing peace and harmony in order to be happy and feel stable. This is the danger for Libra, where they can sacrifice to an extreme, giving in to others, all in the name of seeking or maintaining harmony. Work with Libra energy to bring harmony into your life, but also to balance out people pleasing behaviours and tendencies to compromise yourself in order to keep the peace within your relationships. 

Not to forget that Libra is ruled by Venus and therefore also holds a strong sense for all that is creative, artistic and a general love for creating beauty and harmony within their environment, just as much as within their interactions. In fact, it is through this creation of beauty in their environment that Libra energy can bring that inner harmony and balance to themselves. The perception of harmony and beauty in their external world brings a calm to their inner world. It is important to remember that peace and balance do not just happen, this is something that needs to be created and can be unique to each individual. Libra energy is always seeking this peace and so working with this energy can be very supportive for those practicing the dissolution of chaos and tension in their life, but with healthy boundaries so as not to lose themselves, as well as those that are creating a safe, harmonious space for them to have these experiences with themselves and others. 

When working with Libra, consider the areas where you find yourself seeking peace, harmony and balance in your life, where it feels essential to your well-being. Reflect on how you might neglect or compromise your own needs in order to experience peaceful relationships. Take the time to feel into how you can be creative and bring more self expression and beauty into your world, internally and externally. 

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Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of frankincense, melissa, bergamot, and ylang ylang; and crystal nectars of lapis lazuli and labradorite, all attuned with a Venus - 221.23hz tuning fork.