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Mercury - The Communicator - 141.27hz
Mercury - The Communicator - 141.27hz

Mercury - The Communicator - 141.27hz


function - to communicate, both transmitting and receiving information

voice - "I speak. I am curious"

Rules - Gemini, Virgo and the 3rd and 6th Houses

connections within the body - lungs, respiratory tracts, nervous system, head, brain, shoulders

Mercury rules the signs of intellect and thinking. It is famous for causing disruption and despair during retrograde phases and directs the ways that we communicate and share information. Use this oil to support yourself during Mercury retrograde, or when studying, undergoing any important legal or administration based processes to help with a clear mind, discernment and the ability to see a bigger picture. 

Mercury is one and the same as Hermes, the messenger from God to Man. Mercury is also the internal messenger, forming the connection and correspondence link between our soul and our personality. Mercury energy represents our sense and ability to communicate, connect with our intellect, our logic, reasoning and our overall awareness of those things and how we express them in the world. 

The frequency of Mercury enhances ability to cooperate through understanding and sharpens communication skills through reason, writing and speaking with confidence. It therefore has a dramatic impact on how we choose to communicate and the types of communication we are attracted to, enjoy and the types of interaction that make us feel understood, and connected to ourselves and others. Working with this blend can help you to communicate clearly with others, but also to really connect deeply with yourself and your needs to ensure you don't censor yourself and how you communicate. During retrograde phases this will enhance your ability to reflect and learn from your interactions and to treat yourself with respect, while also being honest with yourself about patterns and changes that may need to be integrated into you way of moving through the world. 

Mercury is neither feminine or masculine and it can be seen as reflecting all that it comes in contact with, just as we can through our communications. Within our chart and as Mercury transits it takes on the gender of the sign it is placed in. This gives Mercury a special ability to integrate and bring reconciliation between all our dualities and different parts of the personality. Not only bringing the soul to the mind, but the masculine to the feminine, the dark to the light etc. 

If we are at peace with Mercury energy, then we can have peace with our communication within ourselves. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of clary sage, lemongrass, and basil; Crystal nectars of emerald, blue lace agate, aquamarine, all attuned with a Mercury - 141.27hz tuning fork.