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October 23rd - November 21st


archetype - the sorcerer, the detective, the hypnotist

fixed/water negative/feminine

ruled by - pluto

the high road - perceptive, deeply emotional, intuitive, complex, intense, strong-willed

the low road - obsessive, secretive, possessive, withdrawn, unforgiving, demanding

 Scorpio is fixed water, therefore with Scorpio energy emotions are deeply felt and intense. Scorpio seeks to live life as intensely as possible, with no pretences, and to let nothing remain hidden behind walls of fear. Scorpio needs to feel, and be in alignment with those feelings and to then base their actions on this as opposed to logic and reason. Scorpio has a fascination for diving head first into anything that is hidden, applying their sharp, investigative mind, turning inward seeking to know themselves. Scorpio tears down any and all veils and illusions in search for honesty and truth and in the quest to transform the unconscious into the conscious. Scorpio energy can help us to dive deeper, explore our shadow side and heal the parts of us that have been, or that we have kept, hidden. It can also bring us back to our centre and present moment so that we can move through the world with those around us and not get lost in the depths.

Scorpio's quest for the truth can make them a naturally suspicious energy. They feel or sense lies and deceptions. Scorpio instinctively delves into others minds with a desire to understand them and their perspectives, motivations, and behaviours. Superficiality doesn't sit well with Scorpio, and when confronted with it, will be driven to investigate to try and find the heart of something, in the depths below the superficial level. This can sometimes alienate and isolate them from others and groups, while also making it difficult for them to enjoy or accept situations where there may not be a deeper meaning when they go searching. Scorpio can become secretive themselves, in some cases becoming withdrawn and sullen. Allow Scorpio to support you in finding a balance between seeking the truth and doubting all that you see. 

Scorpio is the sign of birth/death/rebirth. Scorpio energy thrives on transformation and regeneration, constantly evolving while exploring the depths of their shadow, bringing things up to the surface to be released and renewed. This can also manifest as an awareness of death, not from a place of fear, but as a motivator to live life to the full and understanding that it could be the last. Work with Scorpio energy to support your own birth/death/rebirth processes and explorations as well as to bring a motivation and vitality to how you embrace and approach your day to day. 

This product is part of the Astrology Collection

This collection is designed to be utilised in the way that best supports the user. With a blend for each of the star signs, one may choose to support themselves with their own star (sun) sign blend. They may choose to work with the blend relating to the star sign of someone else that they are either struggling with or wishing to connect more strongly with. One may be hoping to balance out or enhance certain aspects related to a particular sign or one may be working with a particular house in their natal chart and feel it supportive to work with the blend of the sign that sits on that house. It may be comforting and supportive to work with the blend that is linked to the sign that the current moon phase is in, or another planet that one is working with and feeling deeply. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to use them however they call to you to work with them. There is extensive information and interpretations available in relation to the different signs and we would encourage you to seek out that which resonates with you. For further information on how the signs can be explored with evolutionary astrology, and therefore the approach that has been kept in mind while this range was developed, go to our website and you will find this in the astrology listings. The dates may differ ever so slightly year to year, but the following are the general dates associated with each sign. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of sandalwood, clary sage, patchouli, and jasmine; crystal nectars of citrine and malachite; all attuned with a Pluto - 140.25hz tuning fork.