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Wheels Wooden Discs
Wheels Wooden Discs

Wheels Wooden Discs

These wooden discs have been designed and etched specifically for Aurelia Alchemy by an amazing business based in Victoria, Australia. 

On one side you find the the Wheel of the Year, also known as the Witches Wheel, Pagan Wheel, Sabbat Wheel of the Year etc. This details the dates of the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter holidays for us to work with through the year. It ties these celebrations and transitions into the relevant zodiac signs and gives us the dates as observed in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. 

One the reverse side we find a basic shamanic medicine wheel that we can work with to embrace our own experiences moving through the wheel of life.

These discs have previously only been available in ritual kits and as workshop support and to ensure you get the most of working with your wheel, they will come with access to a recording to walk you through how to work with the Medicine Wheel. 

Please note this listing is for one disc only, images of two discs are just to illustrate the different sides.