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We call on Goddess Brigid, her story transformed over and over, often to suit others, until her original essence was almost stomped out. We call on Brigid as she shines brightly, holding an eternal flame, so we can call on our inner eternal flame to ignite my remembering.

Remembering of who you are, who you have always been. Remembering yourself and calling in all the parts of self you have given away or someone has stomped out. Brigid leads you home to your self. Remember.

Initially crafted as support for our Reclamation of Self workshops, the Brigid essence has been supporting those who are a part of our mentorship program until now.

Brigid was explicit that she was not to simply be bundled up for the masses. That each person needed to embrace her energy as they need to embrace themselves, uniquely and sacredly. This cannot be done with a broad approach like we shared the god and goddess ritual oils.

To ensure this energy is extended with her vibrational essence, each Brigid essence purchase will be supported with a mini distance healing session.

Remembering Brigid. Remembering yourself.


This listing is for a 30ml Brigid essence and a mini distance session. The essence will come with any details that need to be passed on from the session.

If you are purchasing the essence as a gift for someone else, make a note of this and their name in the notes section at the checkout.

If you would like to leave some notes at the check out for things to be considered in the distance healing then please do.

The nature of the distance sessions needing to be done for each purchase means there may be a slight delay with orders that include a Brigid essence. We will aim to stick to our 4 business day shipping turn around, but please be mindful that the healing sessions require more time than just packing up an order. 

The distance sessions will be completed by Hannah and do not require any involvement from you outside of the purchase. Anything that needs to be shared from them will be sent out with Brigid.