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Equilibrium - chakra balance

Equilibrium - chakra balance

This essences contains different properties that support the general clearing out and balancing of the energy centres in the body. We call these chakras, but all is connected so this extends to the meridians and nadis and helps support the etheric body also. One may have a tendency to accumulate congestion in their energy centres during every day interactions and the stresses in their lives and may find that they feel they are attracting negative energy leaving them feeling unmotivated, restless, tired or lacking a sense of clarity and vitality and feeling blocked in specific areas of their lives.

This essence was designed to balance out the energetic centres, bringing them back online so that they can approach their day to day routine as well as more complex issues with clarity and strength. It helps to promote a sense of resilience and the ability to overcome adversity. It is great as support while working through big issues, promoting a state of equilibrium while processing shifts that may have occurred after stressful interactions, events, or a session with your chosen practitioner. It can help bring specific blockages in the chakras to the surface by clearing out the layers that were suppressing the core issue. It also helps the transition with dealing with said core issue to be smoother and less disruptive to the user, by ensuring they are as in balance as possible while processing the deeper issues at hand and can take positive action rather than negative reaction. Where an imbalance in one chakra would often impact the other chakras, this essence helps the others to remain stable during the healing process and allow for long lasting change. 


ingredients: Energised mineral water, essences of wild iris, birch, cherry, foxglove, rose, elf cup lichen, holy thorn, elderflower, lady's mantle, snowdrop, clear quartz, moldavite, smoky quartz, obsidian, orange calcite, citrine, malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and amethyst with a dash of organic brandy.