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Full Moon Essence
Full Moon Essence

Full Moon Essence

Supporting you through your Full Moon rituals and connection.

Each and every Full Moon carries it's own unique energy depending on what else is occurring astrologically and the sign and aspects that the Moon is moving through. However, when we look at the Full Moon in a general way, this is the mid point of the Lunar cycle, she is in her most glorious, fully illuminated state and as such she can offer full illuminations and insights to us as well.

 As we set our intentions with the New Moon, the Full moon is an opportunity to reassess them and determine what we may need to release or what might be holding us back from creating the reality we want. It can be an opportunity to recommit to those initial intentions and really put our energy toward bringing them into fruition over the second half of the lunar cycle or a time to acknowledge and release what we can now see isn't right for us or at least isn't in alignment right now.

 The Full Moon is also a time to allow that illumination to shine upon that which we have been avoiding or hiding from ourselves and others and explore these shadow spaces that offer us so much insight and healing.

 With the potent energy for releasing we can work with this moon phase to not only release ourselves from our own beliefs and patterning, but also for releasing the energetic connections between ourselves and that which is no longer in alignment for us.

 It is a powerful time for harnessing the energy in spell work and manifestation, however, always be mindful of what energy is being called in during these times and ensure you establish clear boundaries and move into this energy with clarity of what you are calling in and connecting with.