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I Am - above, below, within
I Am - above, below, within

I Am - above, below, within

Above, below, within.

Crafted in collaboration with jewellery making goddess, Megan Moss, The “I AM' cleansing spray was created for you to clear your jewellery, energy bodies and to use in your daily rituals to connect you in with all layers of yourself and the world around you.

Calling on powerful properties for clearing and cleansing it lifts the energy and allows for calm and clarity to settle in.

It also incorporates elements that are used within traditional magic and manifestation in order to drop into a space of deep connection with yourself and very intentionally prepare your space, your tools, and your self for the most positive vibrational outcome to attract in all that is for you.

Ground yourself, close your eyes, take a deep breath, set your intentions & spray around your jewellery, tools, self and space. Wait until the mist has settled, now you are ready to go about your day.