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LIMITED EDITION - Lightning Strikes - Shattering Illusions

LIMITED EDITION - Lightning Strikes - Shattering Illusions

The properties and ritual used for this blend incorporate the energy and message that The Tower tarot card brings to the table of life, the lightening strike that comes down threatening devastation and havoc in order to crack us open. Often a misunderstood or unappreciated energy, this lightening strike serves to destroy that which is no longer essential. Shattering illusions, challenging belief systems and patterns that we have held onto so tightly for some sense of security that is almost certainly now false. It is the inevitable crumbling of the structures we have surrounded ourselves with that need to be broken through for us to start shifting through the rubble and start living our authentic life. While all that may absolutely feel devastating and confronting, it is in the destruction for a necessary change that the medicine is found, bringing attention and healing to the illusions we need to dismantle.


This blend incorporates a variety of sacred cedarwood oils as cedarwood represents this lightening strike in many traditional cultures. Cedarwood is laid down as we step into a space where we are ready to surrender and have all that we have held onto for safety move away for us to see the truth. To show us that when our illusions are shattered and our ignorance dissolved that our souls still remain intact and we can begin again. Cedarwood is also a potent cleanser and leaves a space, tool, person purified. Blended with magnolia to offer extra support and calming during these tumultuous times; as well as holding positive vibrations associated with growth and new beginnings.


One may choose to support themselves with this blend when going through a major life transition, especially if they perceive it wasn’t on their terms; when struggling with loss, grief, upheaval or perceived destruction of the structures you have relied on. It is just as potent to support those that have stepped into this space and know it is time for them to embrace the lightening strike and to shatter their own illusions, working on shining a light into their deep shadow and committing to a deeper knowing of themselves in order to rebuild and reconstruct in a more authentic, positive and stable way.


Due to some of the oils being difficult to source this is a limited release.


Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, with 100% essential oils of cedarwood atlas, Himalayan cedarwood, Japanese cedarwood and magnolia; crystal nectars of amazonite, chrysoprase and fulgurite.