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New Moon Essence

New Moon Essence

Supporting you through your New Moon rituals and connection.

Each and every New Moon carries it's own unique energy depending on what else is occurring astrologically and the sign and aspects that the Moon is moving through. However, when we look at the New Moon in a general way, this is the beginning of the Lunar cycle, she has just moved through the dark moon phase, making last releases from the cycle just gone, and sets the tone for new beginnings, new intentions and a clean slate.

 Unlike the illumination that the Full Moon offers, the darkness of the New Moon invites us inward to reflect and then set forth making plans, planting seeds, and remembering that growth is always occurring around us, in it's different phases, even if we can't see it.

 As we set out intentions with the New Moon she sees us in our entirety. Her darkness can hold a non-judgemental and safe space for us to push the boundaries of what we really feel and what we are really hoping, or seeking, to bring into our reality. 

As we surrender into the New Moon and the authentic honest voice that rises from inside us, we can allow ourselves to connect with these deep needs inside us and to commit to making them manifest.  

She also helps us to discern what actions we might need to take in this lunar cycle to bring our desires to fruition. Work with her to dive deep into your shadow self and acknowledge and give reverence to the beliefs and blocks that may have been keeping you where you are, while committing to moving past them this lunar cycle. For some it is helpful to make a plan of how they will do this, what it looks like practically. For others, it's all in the intention.