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Sacred - Cleansing for tools + ritual

Sacred - Cleansing for tools + ritual

This sacred blend was crafted in ritual while moving through a mentorship in California. I held a deep connection with Cedarwood already and through my herbal and aromatherapy training held an understanding of the biochemical properties these plants held that allow for cleaning and cleansing, but it was working with my Native American earth medicine mentor that took me into a deeper understanding of this plant ally and all that it can offer us. 

Cedarwood not only has strong clearing and cleansing properties, it is also the plant ally placed around the edge of the circle as we enter some ritual. A signal that we are ready to surrender and have all that we have held onto for safety move away for us to see the truth and opening ourselves up within a sacred space. The cedarwood connects us into this deeper space within ourselves and nature and allows the energy and support to come in, as well as the cracking open of our hearts to allow for change to occur.

Originally crafted to support our Clearing, Cleansing and Cleaning workshop where we explore the variety of uses in depth, our Sacred oil is now available for individual purchase. This is an undiluted essential oil blend of multiple Cedarwood varieties. You can simply diffuse it in your space or you can apply it directly to tools for cleaning and cleansing.